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App available for Android and IOS.

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How it Works

Make plans, explore activities, and hang out with people looking to try the same things as you.

Download our application and immerse yourself in a world of possibilities! Explore a myriad of photos and profiles, create exciting groups and plans, discover a wide variety of thrilling activities, and best of all, meet incredible people who share the same desire to experience new and exciting things just like you.

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Key Features

Find your perfect travel companion with our app!
Discover new destinations, share incredible experiences, and create lifelong memories together.

Traveler profiles

Users can create detailed profiles highlighting their travel preferences, interests, and past experiences.

Interest-based matching

The app uses algorithms to find other travelers with similar interests, enabling users to connect with people who share their destination preferences, activities, and travel style.

Messaging and chat

Users can communicate via internal messaging or real-time chat, facilitating meetups, information exchange, and sharing travel tips.

Groups and events

The app allows for the creation of thematic groups based on specific interests such as photography, gastronomy, or adventure sports. Additionally, events and meetups can be organized to bring together like-minded travelers in specific locations.

Reviews and recommendations

Users can leave reviews and recommendations for each other, sharing their travel experiences and providing valuable insights about destinations, accommodations, restaurants, and attractions.

Maps and location

The app offers mapping and location features, enabling users to find other travelers nearby, discover points of interest, and navigate routes for joint activities.

Itinerary sharing

Users have the option to share their travel itineraries, allowing other travelers to join them at specific stages of their journey.


The app fosters an engaged traveler community, sharing stories, tips, and advice.


Our app was created to help solo travelers to connect with other solo travelers and share the same travel interests creating awesome travel experiences.

When you open the app, a photo grid of travelers closest to you will show up, and you can directly message them and make travel plans. 

Yes, you can go to the filters and pick and choose according to what activities suit you and what you’re looking for. 

Totally! The app is in its first stages and will add more premium paid features in the near future. 

Not yet. It will be added in the upgrades. But you can post your plans in your profile. 

Email address (for verification) name, home city/country, gender, bio, and your interest.

Not for now. Plans for future developments/ upgrades.

Yes, there’s a favorites section where you can see all of them.


App available for Android and IOS.

Find fellow travelers and locals alike.

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